About Take and back Editing.

In my previous post I had promised a post on my own thinking towards Indie / Traditional or a Hybrid publishing route. I have that post ready to go, but decided to pull it – maybe I’ll get around to updating it and posting in the future. Sometimes putting the thoughts down on paper (screen), organised, is all that is needed.

There were a lot of supportive and nice comments on my Insecure Writer’s Support Group and ROW80 post of yesterday. Most people got it when I said that for me, as a new writer, looking on to all the new books and authors out there, it’s a little intimidating, and sometimes the monkey brain of mine suggests that those writers with loud voices hawking books on twitter are competition. But more logically, and in my actions and intentions, I fully support all my writer friends, and yep – I have purchased far too many books to read also.

But I pulled the Hybrid post late last night my time, before that post had received any comments (they came overnight in my Australia timing), and I pulled it for one big reason. After posting in the morning yesterday for my weekly ROW80 and the Wednesday IWSG post, I moved on again. As the post had pointed out, despite my workshop investments, and social networking explorations of late, I have been spending time in edit-mode. And yesterday I spent several hours more.

I am thankful for the luxury of Wednesdays in my household. My daughter has a pre-school activity that starts at 7:00am, and aside from school drop-offs and pickups, and a few chores, I was back at my desk by 7:30am, and had 11 hours of writing time to myself. I can’t spend 11 hours solid like that, of course. There was a large gap which I spent reading out in the sunshine – it’s winter here, and bitterly cold so sun-seeking is the only option to conserve electricity. Besides, it’s a good time for reading.

By evening, I’d finished off a particular scene / chapter which had been giving me trouble. And I’d realised that I was back in rhythm, and possibly even enjoying the process. So I pulled the post, deciding to concentrate on getting the few remaining edits done today, and onwards. I estimate I should be finished by end of next week, which should include about five passes through the draft.

If I’m quiet on social media for the interim, and no blogs appear here for a little time, you will understand why.


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