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My third sharing of six sentences from my WIP – Blue Daisies. This week I am again participating in Six Sentence Sunday where you will find many other writers sharing a small portion of their work.

26th August Six Sentences

This except is from the very start of a the book, in a chapter called “An Announcement”. It introduces the main antagonist through the eyes of her father. I remain working on this chapter in particular, and especially looking at what might hook a reader, so these may well change.  In the meantime, does this hook you?

On a sullenly cold spring morning, Alistair Smith watched his daughter from his vantage point behind the door into the kitchen.Something was changing with her.

Nicola hunched at the kitchen counter of their little unit, knifing through the paper. Literally — with a knife.

Smithie’s eyes narrowed.

There were scissors somewhere around, but she’d chosen that knife.

3 thoughts on “#sixsunday Share

  1. I think this introduction is fitting. There’s a bit of apprehension there, combined with a sense of mystery. It definitely hooked me.

    Nice intro… keep up the good work!

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