#ROW80 Recheck on Goals

First off, let me admit that I grossly underestimated the time it takes to revise and edit a novel. Some months ago (that long, jeesh?!) I set a goal of revising my draft in a couple of months. I set target dates, started work, continued…and…everything…slooowwwwed…dooowwwwnnnn… Yawn.

Silly me. My problem was that I had –

  1. Never entered a revision process before, and
  2. Been a successful ultra-fast first drafter.

I can write my first draft in a month, that’s normally over the 100,000 mark. I am wordy, so part of the problem in revising is cutting huge parts of my baby, and as things turn out, I spent the second draft adding to it, rather than reducing it.

But something has happened in around the fourth draft, in spite of my frustrations. I’ve learnt that I actually enjoy the improvement process. Enjoy? No, in some perverted way, I love it. However, that’s not stopped me from needing to take a short break away from it.

ROW80 Goals-Wise

I’m going to have to provide a generalistic target for completing the revision on my WIP. I’ve previously published I’m aiming for finishing the next week… Then the next…

It’s not worked out for me. This last week I struck two chapters that need complete rewrites taking them back to draft one status. And I struck something akin to revision block – I’ve not worked in my novel for several days now, just need to take a break from reading the same words over and over, I guess.

So here’s the more realistic goals for the future few weeks –

  1. In October I want to get a rough story idea in readiness for NaNoWriMo. I don’t want to thoroughly outline the new novel (which I’ve had a lot of success in doing previously) but this time wing it a little with just some ideas of where it will go, the inciting incident, and some beat points through it.
  2. Before that, I’ll continue with revising and editing Blue Daisies, aiming for the end of September for the end of the drafting. If not September, then I’ll aim for the end of the year – and not be worried about it. Or publish a stringent deadline.
  3. I just joined another blog feast for the month – Gearing up to Get an Agent. Although I don’t have great intentions in going the agent route straight away, I hope the activities necessary in doing the GUTGAA blogfest will provide some inspiration and at least I’ll get to visit a few more writers also.

More ROW80 participants can be found here.

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