#ROW80 Final Checkin

It’s the end of Round 3 of the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge, and I guess I should give a quick update. All is looking good, and I’m confident of finishing up and starting up, as planned.

I was showstopped this week in final revisions with some dental surgery. The pain and medication took me out for two days, and it still bothers me. I should have known – this time around they promised there wouldn’t be any pain, so I got some. Don’t lecture me about psycho-semantics (yeah, made that one up), I’m a firm believer that if the body tells you it’s time to shut down and sleep a lot, then there’s a good reason.

Over the next several weeks we have term holidays for my daughter, meaning she’s home from school. And a much-anticipated visit by her UK grandparents, who have never been to Australia before. So my days, when not asleep or in pain, have been spent cleaning, shopping and tidying up for their arrival. What any writer needs to be cleaner is the pending arrival of the in-laws. It’s a great motivator.

Anyway, my writing is back on track from today, and looking good for rewriting that buggy little chapter with better characterisation.

I’m about to start a journal written by my series MC, Blue Raynes. I wasn’t hearing her voice correctly, so figure a diary through all her adventures might help. The occasional journal entry might be publishable on my website as a bonus for any fan readers also, I guess. We’ll see how it goes.  To also help me re-find her, I created her as an avatar in Second Life. Only in SL can I pretend to walk around as a tall slim and attractive blonde. I took some screenshots of her to put into the journal. It all helps to locate that passion for her and her journey through life (and the novels), which I was missing.

I also registered for a few SavvyAuthor.com workshops – at $15 (that’s $14.89 AUS) they’re a bargain for members. And two of them will help in getting started with my next writing goal – to nut out the next novel, Blue Popcorn, ready for NaNoWriMo. I’ve already started with the main characters, and the inciting incident. It’s the rest that are as yet unknown.

That’s it. Revision (almost) done, ready (almost) to go off for some beta readers, and today I made a start on getting ready for NaNo in November.  I’m looking forward to the next round of ROW80 also.

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2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Final Checkin

  1. I love the idea of your MC writing a journal. I can only imagine the insight you might gain into her with this exercise!

    Good luck getting everything prepared for round 4, and NaNo!

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