#ROW80 Checkin – Antagonists, Archetypes and Awareness

My ROW80 checkin will be brief today. I’ve been busy preparing for writing the NaNo novel, as goaled, and this includes a couple of online courses, with copious thought-provoking homework. Yeah, I know most of this stuff, but having somebody giving plotting elements different names, and overlooking your answers – that’s a whole kettle of worms mixing their metapohors.

I’m loving it.

In fact, I’m even delving into several books of character archetypes, and working on characterisation as well as high level plot. There are notes all over the place electronically – on two laptops, an iPad, and scribbled onto several different note-taking devices – including the retro usage of an actual notebook. Look at me! Going all pen-dangly like that.

This week, I even get to play with scene maps. Or geoplotting as the teacher calls it. Way kewl, it calls to the pure geek in me, and I’m hard-pressed to not go out and find some free 3D mapping software to create the settings. But I’ll try to curtail myself to simple paper and coloured pencils.

The plotting tasks are also forcing me into a thriller awareness funk. Hence the many thriller- genre articles appearing on this blogsite. There are a couple more in draft. I hope at least one person can benefit from my thinking, and if anyone is laughing, keep it to yourself. I’m impassioned, and that’s the greatest thing.

Other impassioned writers tackling their goals can be found from the ROW80 linky list here.

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