Friday Link Love for Writers

At some point I stated this series of links would be intermittent. It’s been well over a month, maybe two. Now, that’s intermittency. But here’s a new lot of (for me) good reading for writers.


With all the excitement and prep well at hand across the internet for NaNoWriMo, this one may be of interest to those 300,000 contemplating doing the November writing marathon this year.

PlotWriMo runs in December. Hosted by Martha Alderson, author of The Plot Whisperer, the event is held across the month with exercises which don’t involve actual writing (after NaNo, we’ll all have enough of that) but in working on that draft towards structure, plot and the contents. I presume you just follow along during the month via the Plot Whisperer blog because currently there is no signup form on the site.

Read more about PlotWriMo from the website page here, or from Martha’s blog.

One Self-Pubbed Book Tale of Success

Angela Ackerman, one of the authors of The Emotion Thesaurus (a writer’s reference book I heartily recommend) posted an interesting post on the book’s path to success – The Path to 10K in Sales: Strategy, Luck & Mistakes. Given that the book is non-fiction with a defined target market of fiction writers, we can still learn a lot from Angela and Becca’s trials.

Editors and When to Get Them

A guest post by Giacomo Giammetteo at Blogging Authors uses a lot damns in it to get across the point that he actually does need copyeditors – and so do the rest of us; in “We Don’t Need No Copy Editors

Roz Morris of Nail Your Novel gives us a schedule or order for the usage of all those different types of editors in “Publishing Schedule for indie writers – who to hire and when”.

Shelf Awareness

This website is new to me. Shelf Awareness gives regular insights into the book industry. In this, the latest news post – Lost and Found: Trends in Book Discovery, some startling statistics in this supposedly digital age managed to trigger my own writing tasks towards thinking about the hybrid and paper market needs also. Shelf Awareness is daily reading for me, available in e-news mails for readers and for news on the industry.


From She Writes comes a timely post for me. In The Art (and craft) of delayed gratification: How I wrote my first E-Serial, published author Jamie Brenner speaks about the year long effort to produce The Gin Lovers, a book published as an e-serial. With the recent announcement by Amazon around the e-shorts and e-serial markets, Jamie suggests it still will take time to see if the format hits with her readers.

The e-serial option is one I am seriously considering for my first ‘novel’ Blue Daisies, which sits very well in the format as a series of eposidal scenes. As the prequel to my novel series, I may end up publishing this as either a tester, sampler or to try out this format.

Other Posts of Note

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