Friday Link Love for Writers

For the second week in a row, some links. That'll do for the intro to this post.

Win the Emotion Thesaurus

The Authors of The Emotion Thesaurus for Writers are giving away ten copies to NaNo winners at the end of the event. Register your NaNoWriMo name on the form found here.

Prep for NaNoWriMo

It's only a few days to go before the commencement of this years most anticipated writing marathon. But not to late to get in a little outline and put some structure behind the words you will be spitting out. Alexandra Sokoloff has a whole series up on her blog on preparing for NaNo. Here's the first – Nanowrimo Prep: First, you need an idea.

Or Go DigiWriMo

At the NaNo blog there's an interview with the founders of DigiWriMo, which works across the same month, with the same expectations – 50k of words, but in digital format (blogs, twitter, a wiki story, images and words, um…). DigiWriMo site.

Diagnosing a Zombie, or a Serial Killer

I'm not a big fan of zombies or werewolves et el, but if Ted-Ed has a talk on it, by neuroscientists, no less, then perhaps all those authors churning out Zombooks are onto something. TED-Ed | Diagnosing a zombie – Tim Verstynen & Bradley Voytek

Every now and then the scintillating subject of serial killers comes up again on sites like i09, and here's the latest – How to get inside the mind of a serial killer

NaNoWriMo Resources

There's a heap of prepping posts and a few resources linked to in my previous post, here.


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