#ROW80 Halloween Wishes

Happy halloween to all those who enjoy the occasion. And my thoughts and best wishes go out to those in the U.S. Northeast suffering through Sandy over the past few days.

Today finds me taking a break before the start of NaNoWriMo. I’ve done all I can to prepare for it, and now just want to enjoy another hot day out relaxing before the rush.

The above scene was created for you in Second Life, for halloween. It features the virtualisation of my fictional character, Blue Raynes in all her blonde glory, as she inspects a crime scene. This is something that the real fictional character (oxymoron, anybody?) wouldn’t be doing – no forensic psychologist is going to be anywhere near a crime scene, and certainly not wearing denim shorts and a white blouse open to her navel. Or with her hair swishing around leaving misleading forensic evidence. (Although…American television series seem to feature that a lot…)

But she’s doing it for halloween, anyway.

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