#ROW80 Checkin – In Bed with a Problem

I’m on target with my goals for this month, which are quite easy to understand and evidence, as I’m starting on Blue Popcorn through NaNoWriMo. To date, I’ve just logged up the 10,000 words putting me 20% through the target count.

That’s all well and good, and I’m rightfully pleased with my writing efforts so far.

Except for the scene I wrote yesterday.

It was a sex scene. Which immediately brings up some questions like –

  • Is a sex scene necessary at all, especially in a thriller – does it maintain the pace, or break it?
  • does it provide a story movement, or is it gratuitous?
  • And just how much detail, and how much metaphoric humping is acceptable in the general thriller reading public.

Without getting into too much detail, it’s also relevant to admit that at my own stage in life, I could well be writing a sex scene that meets my own likes, dislikes, needs or desires, rather than anything of purpose to the story itself.

After writing it, I immediately thought to take out the sex completely, and rewrite. I reminded myself that we’re not meant to be editing within NaNo, but heck, I’ve broken many a writing rule so far. And things like that niggle and niggle at me, with the possibility of altering the course of my goals in total.

Thankfully, instead, I enrolled in an online workshop about to kick off, on writing sex scenes. The timing is a bit off – it starts tomorrow (on the British Guy Forkes night – lately renamed Bonfire or Fireworks Night). It would be a poor pun if I suggested that my writing course will be going off with a bang, wouldn’t it?

Yeah, thought so.

So, not only am I striding forward into the rest of NaNo, but I’ve now committed myself to learn a little more about fictional sex over the next three weeks.

I can only hope that other Rowers and NaNoRow80ers aren’t having as much fireworks in their own writing, unless they want them, of course,

5 thoughts on “#ROW80 Checkin – In Bed with a Problem

  1. Writing rules are made to be broken. Go by your instincts! …I’ll leave you to work out if that pun was intended or not.

  2. Hehe. If you don’t like the scene, don’t remove it. Just strike through it so your words still count. That will let your inner editor feel better but NaNo won’t suffer as a result. But taking a sex scene class will most likely help. I’m one of those people who leave the sex off the page. Keep those words flowing 🙂

  3. If it adds to the story, furthers the plot, or helps characterize, it’s worth leaving in, at least for now. Then again, I write romance, so I like fireworks. 🙂 Either way, I like Ryan’s idea. Whatever you decide, good luck, and keep up the good progress!

  4. Hubby just read a Karin Slaughter that mad a sex scene in it, a rough one that verged on rape. He was most put out about it lol, but from what he told me I think it really helped to give an idea of the relationship between the characters….does that make sense?

    My sex scene was, unfortunately necessary lol…..Mills & Boon Modern insist on at least one *slump* 😉

    Good luck!


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