#ROW80 Writing vs All the Other Stuff

For this entry for ROW80 I wanted to discuss a simple thing. My quietness. On this blog, through my friend’s blogs, my almost non-existence on social media, my lack of communications other than NaNo.

I miss all that other stuff a lot. But writing in a writing marathon takes effort, and time, and it’s tiring. Once I finish the day, all I want is to walk away from my computer. Some days I even forget to update wordcounts where they need to be, in my haste to escape. I’ve had to go back hours later to update things, and even then, with a lot less thought or direction that I might like.

If there is a writing friend out left who is reading this, I would think that this is mostly understandable, and doesn’t need an acknowledgement at all. But I wanted to say.

My novel lives with me. Even when I am away from the computer, it talks to me, pulls me from what I am doing. I’m always focused on what the next scene might require, how to resolve that problem, what to do with that character problem.

NaNo in November down under is a new experience for me also. I’ve previously completed NaNo’s in the Northern Hemisphere where it goes into winter. The November month is always a difficult one, no matter where you live. Americans had an election and thanksgiving to tackle alongside their own NaNo efforts this year. And I suddenly learnt that sweating out a novel is an actual thing when the temperatures are in the 30’s and there’s no air around.

Writers go through cycles like this. Write-focus, then come up for air. Then once finished, old-time writers (you know – the ones before social media came about – had publishers who wined and dined them, book launches to travel around to, some other marketing stuff. Then they got to write another novel again, if they were lucky.

Now it’s all changed. It’s all about connections, and throughput. To make a name, you have to have not one, not two, but ten books, twenty, a hundred products with your name on it. You have to NOT stop writing. But you also have to social network – at the same time.

I’m probably failing at that last one right now. I apologise for the Facebook likes that need to be reciprocated, for the writing friend’s blogs I haven’t visited, for those I did manage to get to, but left a pretty rubbish comment, for the forums I haven’t been to for weeks. For the lack of tweets.

I miss you.

But my novel lives with me, and pulls all my energy.

And overall, I’m just happy to be writing, and seeing a story come out of this.

So, my friends. Please accept my apologies, my gratitude for sticking around if you have, and hopefully I can share you a little of my joy at actually writing.

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