I’m back, I’m Bad, You Know it.

Okay, not so bad. My computer crash of Sunday has been resolved to a point where I can now continue writing.

I had to have this laptop totally overwritten, meaning that I lost all my software, and have had to reinstall the bare basics to make do with. Because I was on an old copy of windows, and even safeboot or command prompts weren’t working, I’ve now been upgraded to Windows 7. The impact is that some of my software or files are not compatible. I therefore can’t currently open Excel spreadsheets for instance, although the compatibility plugin for Office does allow me access to Word docs, thankfully. And I’ve had to purchase other software to get by.

My novel has been saved – although the backup procedure I thought was working was not, and I had to lift the copy from my corrupt C:\ drive.

How much gratitude do I feel, given the sheer danger of the situation. I actually have my novel back, and now it’s being backed up all kinds of places, incuding a USB bracelet I’m keeping close to my heart (okay, on my wrist, which is close enough).

Reinstalling scrivener and other basic software was a bit of a tiring and nightmare task, taking me days out of writing.

But I’m here, I’m back, and I’m on the home run. Happy thanksgiving for all those who are celebrating it this week. I am very thankful myself.

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