NaNoWriMo Complete

I finished the final extra scenes this morning, and on this stormy hot Tuesday morning, decided to be done with it, and posted up my full wordcount to have the NaNoWriMo win confirmed.

Here’s my badge, and I would show you me holding the certificate up, but the printer has now decided to not work for me.

The official wordcount for first draft is 57216 from NaNo’s side – slightly more on my wordcount. I have copious notes on revisions needed, so will muck around with the draft for another few days until setting it aside to fester (blossom) in a drawer for a few weeks over December.

Done. I will celebrate with lunch.  Unfortunately as I’m currently on antibiotics I can’t imbide of a celebratry tipple, but there’s nothing stopping me finishing off the M&M’s I have here.

Things I’ve Learnt from Writing “Blue Popcorn” first draft during NanoWriMo

  1. I can’t write sex scenes very well.
  2. I can’t write action scenes very well. I am working on that one.
  3. I still need to work on my understanding of the main character – she’s complicated, much more so than me.
  4. I struggled against lack of flow on more days than those where the writing was easier. This is the first time that has happened, but I think some of the scenes written are actually better for it. Sometimes things take time to mature.
  5. I believe that for me, I did the correct amount of preperation beforehand, just enough structuring and scene work to know how to get from A to Z.
  6. Sticking new scenes into the middle was the toughest task of all, and probably don’t flow evenly – I’d forgotten the timelines involved.
  7. Writing in November in Sydney Australia, is sweaty, hot work. There are not enough fans to go around, and a risk of bush fires impacting your work too.
  8. I cared more about my novel and less about it (unexplainable). My caring and non-challence came about when faced with losing the whole thing due to a hard-disk crash. I’d already nearly finished it, and facing never seeing those 47,000 words again, I found I could take it as a signal from above – I either recovered and wrote on, or a complete rewrite would happen in the future.
  9. It was fun. More than I thought.

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