#ROW80 December Goals

ROW80LogoSmFor several ROW80 participants, the coming of this final month for ROW80 2012 means also a transition over from the blur that was NaNoWriMo into the blur that is the holiday season. This week I face the end of my daughter’s school year with all the celebrations, over the next few weeks I have to finalise Christmas shopping and food, and I’m also taking my daughter over for a short trip to New Zealand, my home country, and a place I haven’t seen for over 12 years.

My writing goals are adjusted accordingly, but I don’t want to lose the impetus NaNoWriMo gave to my writing.

What’s after NaNoWriMo?

Chuck Wendig says it in his own style – writing is about rewriting, planning and visualising. Warning: as usual, Chuck throws out a few swearwords through the post.

NaNoWriMo or a word marathon like it, is just the beginning of the fight, but we don’t stop there if we are committed to writing.

Although I signed off my NaNovel Tuesday last week, I spent some hours using the same time in the rest of my writing week, re-visualising the novel. I was trying out the expensive (for me) Power Structure software (and got annoyed by a repetitive bug in it) but the application allowed me to see some missing spots, and focus on both the character arcs and story arcs through the first Act of the novel.

This month Martha Alderson, author of The Plot Whisperer is running a daily series of posts called PlotWriMo, designed to help NaNo writers to revision their old (or new) drafts. It’s free to read alongside of.

Many pundits tell us to put the first draft away for a while, which I do intend doing at a later point (January or February). But the thing isn’t finished as yet. It’s 57K long, but the story isn’t finished, nor should it be at that wordcount. Most thrillers run above the 80-100K mark. And I still have a lot to do.

The other thing about this novel (for me) is that I’m actually enthused about it. I want to retain that enthusiasm and use it to keep the work up for as long as possible.

Writing ROW80 Goals for December

These are simple – no wordcount, no timing or other solid must-do points, due to the many other commitments found for this month, but –

  • Keep writing and re-writing
  • Re-visualise the structure, characterisation and storylines of the NaNovel.

I wish all the other ROW80 participants some workable goals for the month also. Just Write, or Rewrite.

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