Writing Angels

angel writingLast week in this post, I discussed and named my own writing demons, original and intimate.

As we’ve just arrived into the season of gratitude and Christmas, I think it appropriate to now find and name my own writing angels – the skills and blessings which naturally guard over my own writing.

As with my demons, I’m going for the slightly whimsical bent on naming and shaming these. Because it’s fun. What are your writing angels?

My Writing Guardian Angels

  • Word Womble – a slightly pudgy and squat fairy that wonders around not Wimbledon Common but my own Garden, and gives me the gift to write lots and lots of words. I’m always over wordcount, rather than under.
  • Geek Goddess – she’s trendy-geek, and gives me the techno savvy to wield websites and software to my submission.
  • Crafty Colin – I’ve always had this angel, he (yes, obviously Colin is a he) has given me the ability to create and craft with my hands and digitally, be arty and fall back into those skills when in the need to find my creative muse or get out of a rut in my writing. (Also helpful for creating hand-made presents)
  • Process Puppy – (can be a pain also) – the joyful animal that runs to learn every new writing craft or process he can find, to chew on and try out for improving our writing. I picture him as a Saint Bernard puppy (lots of slobber but cute).

A special shout out to the Temporary angel, the Time Lord – I am blessed with having plenty of time to myself each week to spend writing, something that I previously didn’t have, and possibly won’t have sometime in my future.

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