Just in Case–More on Goals

goal publishA simple links list and share to round out my series on goal setting (I have plans, not goals, but anyway…).

More Links on Goals or Resolution Setting for Writers.

  • Joanna Penn announced her own goals and told us to Stick with Plan A.  She also has a reminder note to herself as a poster on the wall, an easy idea.
  • Jodie Renner (I’m a huge fan of her writing craft book on Thrillers) has a post with a retrospective of her last year, and new year goals in Finding More Balance in 2013 at Crime Fiction Collective.
  • Laura Orsini collects Writing Goals images – including her own – on a Pinterest board worth following. It contains several nice ideas for documenting goals, plus the image used above (Get your book published) credited to austin.culturemap.com.
  • If you’re into journals, drawing, doodling and colours (like me) then check out Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Create Your Incredible Year in Life + Biz workbooks. This is a PDF workbook and calendar package with topics to help you explore your creative – writing business and personal life. Currently you can also signup for the free Biz and Blog Star workbook download. Read about it here. Note – these workbooks and calendars refer to users as goddesses repetitively, so are perhaps not for male writers. Up to you…
  • Michael Pick holds The Daily Post for WordPress users (like this one) and on December 31st posted a challenge for bloggers. He provided the backstory of another apocalypse set in March, and asked us what three things we would change before the coming in a challenge called the doompocalyptic-resolutions. So, if there was another Mayan apocalypse in March, what three things would you change about your writing life? One word 2013
  • Today’s Author provides daily writing prompts. On Jan 1st the blog asked us to create 10 Anti-Resolutions – list out ten things we resolve NOT to do this year. The prompt is after creativity (like me swearing to give up my daily 50 minute fitness regime jogging at twenty meters below sea level, for instance) but could seriously provide some help in thinking about bad habits in writing to get out of.
  • One Word 365 has been taken up by many creative spirits. Several websites concentrate on the concept, but here’s one: One Word Three Sixty Five, which offers a community, and a button you can have made (by Melanie of Only a Breath) to convey your one word chosen for the year. Of course, there is also a Facebook page. I haven’t bothered Melanie with my request for a button, but my one word button to the right was swiped solely from her design (I inked out the populated word and added mine).

In the example one word 2013 button, I also used my chosen colour – apple green. It reminds me of freshness, and traffic lights, both a good logo and symbol for my writing year ahead.

  • Ali Edwards, a scrapbooking guru, has been running One Little Word for years now. In this post she explains her own word chosen for the year, and links to a year workshop you can register for, which provides monthly creative prompts for creative projects, writing and photography you can do to keep you in touch with your word over the year. The workshop is held at Big Picture Classes and provides downloads you can print out and add to a writing or goals journal etc.
  • Chris Brogan takes this even further, and every year since 2006 has been choosing three words to focus his goals and efforts. Here, he announces his three words for 2013- My 3 Words.

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