My Goals Infographic @piktochart #ROW80

In the previous post, Laura Orsini’s infographic on writing goals gave me an idea. Being a visual person I love infographics – good ones with charts and things. So why not create one for myself?

Update – After the first ROW80 challenge of the year also pointed out I could list my goals, I decided to double up and point out this post to my fellow ROw80 participants.

I have a large collection of infographics on Pinterest, so it made sense to attempt to put my own goals / plans into such a graphic format.

I used Piktochart, which offers a free trial using several templates to base your own work on. There are other websites which provide infographic creation features – take a look at,, Hohli (for charts) and Wordle for word graphics. There are many others. But I really liked the ease of use found at Piktochart.

To create this one, I subscribed to Piktochart for a month, giving me free choice of the many templates, and additional uploads for my own images. I chose this circular poster format. Here’s my year ahead.

Writing Goals Infographic

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