More flesh please!

reblogging, because I can’t turn down a post that has a big ol’ skeleton on it, and is about writing.

Dianne Gray author

No, not that flesh – I’m not that kinda gal. I’m talking character flesh.


In a previous post Put Some Flesh on the Bones of my Dreams I received some great comments from other bloggers on how they add flesh to characters.

I thought I’d share their secrets with you (shhh – don’t tell them!)

4am Writer When I teach kids creative writing, I have them pretend they are their own protags and question each other in order to help them flesh out their heroes and villains. This helps them realize that even villains have a soft side too, which is harder for kids to understand as most villains they read about are very ‘cookie cutter’ and one-dimensional.

Anna Scott GrahamI talk out scenes that may or may not be in a book, but mostly it’s dialogue to get to better know my characters. (I’ve warned my family…

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