Goodreads Reading Challenge

I’m doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge again this year. Last year I chose to target 25 books, quite a wimpy total, but I wasn’t sure how many to go for. This year, I’ve chosen 50, with the expectation that I’ll probably manage 75 or more.

Specifically, I have a reading goal within my 2013 goals for the year – I want to read 2 writing craft books per month, 1 fiction for pleasure and 1 for study – both over two months. Also included is the recognition that reading writing and other reference blogs, and writing magazines, also must be included as part of my reading – when reading these, I can’t read the fiction also.

WordPress annoyingly strips out javascript, so the Goodreads buttons don’t work in WordPress blogs. So the button you see here is a static image of my button. Given I’ve only read one book so far, it’s not that startling a button anyway.


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