#ROW80 Checkin – January was Cancelled?

row80Misleading blog title above. For me, despite the heat and it still being school holidays over here, I’ve been getting along reasonably well on my goals for revising my work in progress.

However, I just get that feeling that I’m one of the few, that January isn’t really launch back to work / goals month for many – they’re perhaps saving it for February (along with joining that gym).

And sometimes I think starting in February would be the easiest way to go for me too. I’m hoping my fellow ROW80 participants this month are having some success at getting stuck into their writing goals also.

January is Cancelled

The last week I’ve found not one, not two, but three online workshops I had registered on, cancelled on me on the last day. I’m now having to seek refunds on them, as I’d already paid. But obviously the courses didn’t get the enrollments needed to sustain them, or the tutors had something come up. Who knows? Looking at the February ones I’m enrolled in, there are still twenty spaces to fill, so I’m crossing my fingers those go ahead also.

I’m particularly disappointed about a month long course on Steampunk which was scheduled to start this week, and instead was cancelled overnight. I was really looking forward to that one. To make up for it, I’ve put together a large Pinterest Board and bitly links bundle on the subject of Steampunk for Writers.



To even make more up for it, I’ve just typed this out whilst eating a huge slab of carrot cake for lunch. I figure Victorian steampunkers might have had carrot cake. If they didn’t, don’t tell me.

Should I give you some other examples of the cancellation of January? Yeah, why not.

My daughter was booked into a camp for kids this coming Thursday/Friday, which would have given her an experience of staying overnight in a tent, and doing some active games with other kids her age. It was cancelled due to lack of enrollments, another disappointment for an only child in particular, but one we both have to get used to. Me, because I was counting on two solid days to myself, a mini writing retreat – just me and the WIP in da house.

Another example – I was sitting in the hairdressers yesterday – a tortuous experience that I’ve avoided for two years, similar to going to the doctors or dentist for me.

I sat for four hours (a valid point to not leave it two years again) trying to convince myself this was an ‘artist’s date’. In those hours, the hairdressers took five calls from clients cancelling out of their hair appointments for the next day. The appointments had been made a month or more before, in the normal flush of pre-Christmas goal setting for the new year (“New hair, new me” syndrome) and the clients had either not been able to face the reality of the month, or plain chickened out. All five weren’t ringing up to postpone, they cancelled in total.

What ever happened to postponing, anyway? When did that become off-trend?

So, five hairdressers have no clients for today, and strictly speaking, could take the day off. Except they won’t be paid for it.

My dentist, on the other hand, knows what he’s doing. He takes Christmas week off, but he would never cancel on me, unfortunately. He once saw me full of cold (him, not me – I cancel at any excuse). My teeth are part of my dentist’s financial livelihood for the year. I support other businesses with my choppers too –  like medical insurance offices, the coffee shop in front of the dentist’s office and soft-f00d companies afterwards. It’s a whole financial eco-system set up around my teeth, and not cancelling on me.

row80But, in all honesty, January really should be cancelled. I don’t feel particularly inspired with new knowledge, the most I can say about my own writing work, is that I’ve managed not to cancel it in total, and I am still plodding on.

And that’s pretty much how it feels – plodding on. I’m revising, doing further character studies, reading craft books on revision, writing, rewriting, taking notes, and plodding along.

Other ROW80 participants in January can be found here.

One thought on “#ROW80 Checkin – January was Cancelled?

  1. It took me a minute, but then I remembered you’re in Australia where it’s the middle of summer, so January for you is like July here, explaining why your daughter was going to camp instead of to school.

    Thank you for your steampunk pages. I’m just getting into it (the reading and maybe writing, not the cosplay), so it will help.

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