#ROW80 Checkin – We all have our Distractions


We all have our distractions in writing. And this is mine.

There are many wonderful things about the positioning of my writing desk. For years I wanted a treehouse of my own – one of those luxurious ones with electricity and heating, maybe even a bathroom. I never did win that lottery, but in purchasing this house, I got the next best thing – treetop views from my writing studio.

In Australia, with all the native wildlife, that has a bonus. My neighbours hate me for feeding the birds – cockatoos are very destructive, but I persist in attracting birds into my view. Don’t worry about the cat – he’s never caught or killed a bird in his life. In fact, the birds in the photo knew this already, and sat around for ten minutes eating, with the cat under them.

(For the bird-geeks, we think these are Wedgebills, but they’re not supposed to be around here on the East Coast, which is indicative of the strange weather Australia’s been getting lately).

My real goals on writing took a sudden about-face on Wednesday (yesterday for me). I suddenly had an ephiphany, and have introduced a new series character who’s point of view needs to go through all three novels I am working on. She also needs a lot of character development, of course. But it’s made me happier with my feelings towards my other main player.

Despite playing around with new titles, and having fun with new mockup covers, the revision of my WIP remains in task (french- en-task?). I need to write in some new scenes anyway, and it helps to have this new character to base some on.

Another distraction came only this morning. Not the cat – but a new idea I have to capture on paper, for a Tween-Lit novella. I want to write it to see if I can entice my daughter into reading it. A test, to see if I’m on the same level as her – she’s an avid reader and reads above her age level, but it’s difficult to find books which don’t contain too many adult themes such as the exploration of sexuality. I won’t be looking into kid-lit or YA categories as yet. I just want to really get the story thrown out there onto paper. No fuss, no worries.

That’s me. Up to date, working along, distracting myself.

Other distractions can be found here with my fellow ROW80 participants.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Checkin – We all have our Distractions

  1. French = “en tasque”, surely? Oh, that’s probably something exceedingly rude or distasteful in French slang and I’ve inadvertantly made your blog a target for French oddballs.
    (Good luck with ROW80, BTW!)

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