#ROW80 Business Hats vs Writing Hats

six-thinking-hats-I’ve been lax lately, with blog posts, social media catchups, and anything else which might remotely be called the author platform business hat. Why are hats so much on my mind?

Hats are on my mind, because it’s a metaphor being used in a writing advice book currently being written and trialed, and one which I am lucky enough / unfortunate enough (depending on how I feel for a moment) to be giving feedback on.

Last week, I was quite successful in my primary goal for the month – the revision of my novel, Blue Popcorn. Until putting on my feedback hat, that is, and having to spend literal hours on several versions of documents sent through over the last weekend. Hours that impacted everything else in my life.

Still, everything is a learning process. And the whole book sits around the importance of putting on our business hats as authors, to ensure the success of our books.

And, although frustrated by the time the task has required of me, it’s also taught me that no matter the task – whether it’s writing this slightly delayed blog post, catching up on emails, catching up on Facebook messages, or providing feedback and ideas for a book – in all of that, I also have felt the calling* to get back to complete my actual writing project, even when it’s the dreaded…revision. Yikes!

* In my Wednesday post coming up I might just share the secret to my success. Hint: brainwashing.

So, for the next few hours – here I go. More revision coming up.

row80How are your goals going? (Published exactly at the time of the Superbowl kickoff, so I pretty much know the answer to that one temporarily for many American ROW80 participants).

Fortunately, the roll over to a new month also means I am back with bum in seat. School is back! Although for some Australians still fighting bushfires or floodzones, no such fortune. But for me…I’m sure you can hear the freedom humming from there.

February Goals for Me

Last month I shared my writing goals – for the whole year – in the form of an infographic.

Those goals obviously stand. Now, to clarify this month’s tasks –

  • Continue with the revision of Blue Popcorn – I am about to start a Cathy Yardley will on Creating a Revision Plan, and have just completed Todd Stone’s NaNo,  Now What? course. Both have/or will provide some structure around my revision, whether it’s 7 revision passes, less or more.
  • Continue to participate in giving feedback / trialing the new writing book I discussed above.
  • I have three new online courses starting today, another next week. Some are short, some will go the whole month. All require homework and thought, but add value to my writing projects.
  • Spend 1/2 hour a day on other work outside of writing/revision etc and writing improvement tasks – the business hat side, shall we say.
  • Add to my other writing projects as I see fit. I’m writing a superhero story for my daughter. About my daughter. Want to know what super powers she wanted for herself? Invisibility. Instead, I gave her mind reading. Both could get her into trouble in the best fictional way, however.

8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Business Hats vs Writing Hats

  1. If you thought of those various hats as different skill sets, you might see what I immediately noticed above – that you are a multiskilled, multitasking individual.

  2. I was thinking of the 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, or Caps For Sale ( I was once a toddler teacher!).

    My kids 11 and 8.5, have never attended school. For a long time, when they were small (and especially when I also worked away from home), I had very little chance to write, and less energy and mental acuity to try with…

    The last year or so has brought an abundance of time, though, as they fill more of their hours with their own pursuits. I’ve also stopped spending many hours a day cleaning the house while the children and my well-intentioned but untidy spouse use it liberally…there are far better uses for a good many of those hours.

    So long as I can accept a higher level of clutter, and some unplanned interruptions for cuddles and conversations and other Momish things, I am able to do quite a bit of writing in bursts throughout the day, interspersed with hometending. I write in longer stretches at night.

    I like to do creative things along with editing. It helps a lot, for me.

    As for your daughter’s story, I am thinking that an invisible mindreader would be formidable, indeed! =)

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. And you guessed my gameplan – I am indeed about to make my daughter into an invisible mindreading super hero, although both won’t be easy on her little fictional persona, for sure.

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