#ROW80 Feeling Not Quite Inspirated

Inspirated (verb): a combination of the words motivated and inspired. (Definition: mine).

Origins: Little Miss Cupcake, My Kitchen Rules, 2013, Channel 7, Australian TV


In the current series of reality cooking contest, MKR, one contestant nicknamed Little Miss Cupcake uses this term often, although perhaps accidentally. We are yet to see whether there is more than cake batter to this particular participant. She may have actually meant it.

In the meantime, Chuck Wendig has this current post up at terribleminds: The Hardest Writerly Truth Of Them All, in which he discusses the emails he gets from writers :

These emails ask me things like, How do I get motivated? or How do I get inspired?

Chuck answers this with the simple response : you just do.

Well, Chuck Wendig. Lately, I just don't.

I am, in the glugs of my first-running-into-second revision pass through my work in progress, definately, uncatergorically, NOT Inspirated in the least. I just don't.

That's okay, though.

Because I still sit down every morning, I still muck around finding things to do that aren't revising. I um and ah over giving up all the blog challenges, (like this one) or pulling out of lessons, or maybe I should join in more – what about April's Blogging from A-Z challenge, or that WanaCon, or — look, there's something else over there, ooh, it's shiny. Maybe a walk would do it, or maybe those M&M's? No, maybe I should do some more journaling, open up the 'ol free flow tap, talk about my problems with my daughter's school, or my plans for super hero powers, or…

Then I get on with it. Inspirated or not.

Which, I believe, is what Chuck Wendig was on about anyway. Just without the “inspiration” or cupcakes for that matter.

46 scenes down, 7 new ones written, 30 to revise. 

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7 thoughts on “#ROW80 Feeling Not Quite Inspirated

  1. I tend to be pretty good at getting myself inspirated — if I recognize that’s what I need to do. I find that the key is to LOOK at what you’re doing. To acknowledge what is dispiriting about it and try to recall the enthusiasm that made me want to do it in the first place.

    Now, if you are revising, the problem may be that your soul is more satisfied with the story than your mind is. It may be time to proof it and move on to something else which actually gets you inspirated.

  2. Two choices here: either invoke the good muse Calliope or sell your soul to the devil. I recommend that you choose the former first. Good luck.

  3. When doing edits I am never inspirated, myself. I usually have to bribe or threaten myself. I think we all have to find a way to get past needing to be inspirated and fear of dancing in public sometimes does it. 😉

  4. Hunter –

    I am a huge believer in ebbs and flows, which is why I always have lots of projects going. When editing doesn’t appeal, I move on to something else, without guilt.

    I listen about your school troubles, if you listen to me rant about the grinding dullness of writing homeschool reports,and how they suck all the joy and life out of what really happened….

    May you find a delightful place soon!

    And that latte up there is singing my name! =D

    1. Well, I’ve had a good laugh and think on the comments. Between selling my soul to the devil, going with the ebb, and everything else, I have a handle on the beasty revision monster.

      In fact: first pass done! And I’m ramping off some smaller projects that I can duck into when the second and third passes get a bit beastly also.

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