#atozchallenge and #CampNaNo

2013-Participant-CampNaNoJust recently I took the bullet and signed up to April’s huge blogging event, the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Today I got an email from CampNaNo, however. And found that the two can work together.

I had forgotten that this year the CampNaNo marathon challenge sessions were to change months. Last year, when I participated, the CampNaNo months were in June and August, but when I initially found they are to be in April and July, I struck them out of my yearly writing plan.

However, April’s CampNaNo sees some changes that I would suggest might be found in the big mother session of November’s NaNoWriMo also.

No longer just another fiction-centric write 50,000 words in a first draft marathon, the changes for CampNaNo are –

Flexible word-count goals. Your choice, from 10,000 to 999,999.

Rebel- and script-friendliness. Write a memoir, blog series, frenzied script, or anything your creative heart desires.

More cabin options. Choose cabin mates based on age, genre, word-count goal, and desired activity level.

Brand-new Camp merchandise and donation levels. Because what is a camp without a few awesome keepsakes?

The variable goals mean that CampNaNo now considers all genres appropriate for writing during the challenge – which includes blog post series.

This means that technically, I can challenge myself to a certain word count within CampNaNo, and do this with my Blogging from A to Z blogging posts also. There are a couple of issues with this combined challenge registration –

  1. Setting a reasonable wordcount total for CampNaNo, for as yet unwritten blog posts. (I’ve decided on 20,000 words which for 26 posts comes out at 770 words per post average.)
  2. The fact that CampNaNo allows no pre-writing (and therefore scheduling of posts), something bloggers doing a daily post challenge are often reliant on. Double challengers will therefore be writing on the day, for at least 26 days in the month of April.

AtoZ2013But technically, the two challenges in April are compatible. 2013-Participant-CampNaNo

If you are involved in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and also signing up for April’s CampNaNo marathon, you have until March 25th to get your settings up, should you wish to be assigned into a cabin. You can choose the level of activity and types of cabin participants you want to mix with.

3 thoughts on “#atozchallenge and #CampNaNo

  1. Signed up for A-Z challenge literally hours before the Camp NaNo email went out. I’m not brave enough to try writing day of for the A-Z challenge (I already have a few done) but definitely looking forward to reading your posts!

    1. Thanks, Carter. It is a huge commitment to do both in April, day by day. I am fortunate in having a few hours spare each day – but I still hope to use one or two for continuing some revision also.

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