#ROW80 checkin with #NaNoEdMo

ROW80LogoSmWhere has the week gone? For me, it’s gone with a struggle. Last week I was flying high. This last week of goal attainments – not so much.

I joined (a little late) NaNoEdMo this week. March is National Novel Editing Month, for all those who wrote 50K of awful words in a draft for last November’s NaNoWriMo writing marathon.

EdMoLogoPiconMNaNoEdMo works in a similar vein, although the website is a little less visually appealing, I must admit. Signing up means we dedicate this month to revising for 50 hours on our NaNo novel. That’s actually quite a hard thing to do. Although I’ve just logged up 4.5 hours onto the system, I have struggled through those for these first few days of March. I should have been doing a lot more, but–

For my second rewrite effort on the novel, I’ve come a-cropper with a big plot problem regarding the motivation for a second protagonist. He needs a big rewrite, and that will affect all the scenes he is in, plus the plotlines throughout the novel. And as yet, I can’t quite get a handle on him. He’s being a right plonker.

Meanwhile, I’m playing around with other minor changes through scenes, and also re-reading to see if each scene is actually necessary, or could be combined with others. So, although I may have spent so many hours on editing, the outcome is not very many changes as such to where I last left off.

So there I am, struggling through another challenge, getting ready for April’s two big challenges, and not particularly dusting off some of my ROW80 writing goals. Meh.

On the more positive side, the extra time while my muse apparently doesn’t work, or my subconscious goes to work (hello, subconscious – you are working in there, right?!) finds me with some time to read. A box full of books from Amazon arrived yesterday. I only ordered it on Saturday, so it seems Amazon’s delivery system through to Australia has drastically improved.

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4 thoughts on “#ROW80 checkin with #NaNoEdMo

  1. As another Aussie (well, you’re really a Kiwi, but you chose the better place to live :D) I agree that Amazon does seem much better now. Though Book Dispository, while free, has really slowed down. Maybe it was just the Christmas period. Good luck with the edit, have similar plans for my NaNoWriMo masterpiece in the next few weeks.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Buffy. I see you have a very interesting blog also, and am keen to see when you come out with your 5 Day Writer’s Retreat book. I have subscribed to your blog also.

  2. It is amazing how one week you can be a rock star and the next week you’re feeling more like the kicked on roadie. I think you are fab for juggling two challenges at once. Keep up the awesome.

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