Exercises for Controlling or Calling Critics (And Muses)

In Part 1 of this post you will find the introduction to why we, as writers, should learn to control and use our inner critics (and muses), as part of our core habits.

Part 2 is an index post, designed as a collection of exercises I and other writers have found useful in controlling and calling on our inner critics or muses as we need them.  As a collection, the post may well be updated in the future, so keep it bookmarked.

Please simply browse through, and mix and match from the exercises included in the little PDF ebook I provide here as a free download.

The Writer’s Core Habit Pack for Controlling your Inner Critics (and Muses too)

WCHP Critic Control Exercises Ebook CovershotDownload the Ebook: Exercises to Control your Inner Critic (and muse) 20 Pages.

Index to the WCHP ebook – Exercises to Control your Inner Critic (and Muse)

  1. Lock up your inner critic or muse
  2. Analyse and accept your inner critic or muse
  3. Personalise (or monsterise) your inner critic or muse
  4. Create a special place for your IC or muse
    • Bonus: Original and Intimate Demons
  5. Keep your inner critic blind
  6. Trick your inner critic with chunky work
  7. Use affirmations to counter your inner critic

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A-to-Z-Core-Habits3-_thumb.jpgThis blog post participated in April 2013’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge, along with many other blogs on subjects as diverse as writing, foodie blogs or mummy blogs.

This blog post is part of a themed series or pack on Writer’s Core Habits. I acronym this as WCH or WCHP © . Do a search for these tags, and you will find more in the series.

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5 thoughts on “Exercises for Controlling or Calling Critics (And Muses)

  1. Hiya. I think the link isn’t working (or hasn’t been activated?) Otherwise, my compooper strikes again. I’ve been having problems with the Savvy Chat Rooms freezing up. Maybe the problem’s spread to other sites. :-/

    1. Thanks for notifying me, Tonette. I’ve just found that WordPress has stripped out all the PDF file links (there are a couple more coming up later in the week), leaving the hyperlink blank. So, it wasn’t you. It was me and my technology. Now I have to go back and redo some.

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