K is for Knockout Novel and Writer’s Knowledge Base

I interrupt this posting schedule for a bonus post on James Scott Bell’s newest endeavour – Knockout Novel. This is a training program that sits in the free Hiveword online novel organiser website. Hiveword also contains the Writer’s Knowledge Base, both are free, but if you want JSB’s Knockout Novel, this is paid for as a one-off $49.

Hiveword logo

Hiveword is an online fiction organizer – owned by Zecura, LLC, and programmed by Mike Fleming. The site allows you to create characters, plots, scenes and settings online. It is free to setup a Hiveword account. @hiveword


The Writer’s Knowledge Database is the brainchild of Elizabeth S. Craig with Mike Fleming providing the programming behind it. The database sits on Hiveword.

Elizabeth gathers all the best links, shares them on twitter @elizabethscraig, and the Knowledgebase provides a huge searchable database of these resources, for all writers. You can search for all writing articles over years on subjects tagged with “POV” or “self-publishing” or something like “e-book cover design” for instance.

The Knowledge Base is  free also. The WKD can be found here, or on the Facebook page.


Knockout Novel is presented as an online module within the Hiveword novel organizer. James Scott Bell provides narratives and prompts for which response areas are provided. You can refine the responses over time and as much as you’d like. You can also run through Knockout Novel for as many stories as you’d like and the responses are independent. Once you get into Hiveword, having paid for the Knockout Novel access ($49), you can either start a new Hiveword story, or run through the Knockout Novel prompts.

These are the pages that Knockout Novel currently holds (any future updates will be free) with each page providing guidance notes from JSB -who takes you through his famous LOCK system; a prompt to get you thinking deeper about your novel; and a place to record the response:-

  • Introduction
  • Title Alternatives
  • Alternative Titles
  • Why write this story?
  • How you feel about the idea
  • More than a concept
  • Lead Name
  • Lead Description
  • Lead’s Physical Features
  • Lead’s Mannerisms
  • Lead’s Fears
  • Lead’s Yearnings
  • Voice Journal
  • Lead Picture
  • Lead’s Birth Year
  • Lead’s Key Years
  • Lead’s Key Years, Enriched
  • Bonding with the Lead
  • Imminent Trouble
  • Hardship
  • Underdog
  • Vulnerability
  • Attraction: Care Package
  • Attraction: Pet the Dog
  • Fear 1
  • Fear 2
  • Fear 3
  • Bonding Scenes 1
  • Bonding Scenes 2
  • Bonding Scenes 3
  • Objective
  • Death Stakes
  • Objective Summary
  • Confrontation: The Opponent
  • Opponent Key Years
  • Opponent at 16
  • Opponent Relationships
  • Knockout Ending
  • Ending Emotion 1
  • Ending Emotion 2
  • Ending Notes
  • What is Your Novel About?
  • Opposite Theme
  • Mixed Values
  • The Dickens 1
  • The Dickens 2
  • LOCK Summary
  • Perfect Structure
  • Disturbance and Two Doorways
  • First Page Disturbance
  • Doorway of No Return #1
  • Doorway of No Return #1 Strength Check
  • Doorway of No Return #1 Checklist
  • Doorway of No Return #2
  • Scene Strengthener
  • Cost of Lead Not Gaining Objective
  • Notes on Cost of Lead Not Gaining Objective
  • Something Shocking
  • Something Shocking Plausibility
  • Action!
  • Intensity
  • The Dictionary Game
  • You have come a long way!
  • Elevator Pitch 1
  • Elevator Pitch 2
  • Elevator Pitch 3
  • Elevator Pitch 4
  • Write!
  • Finishing Touches
  • Finding Quality Beta Readers
  • Next Steps

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A-to-Z-Core-Habits3-_thumb.jpgThis blog post participated in April 2013’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge, along with many other blogs on subjects as diverse as writing, foodie blogs or mummy blogs.

This blog post is part of a themed series or pack on Writer’s Core Habits. I acronym this as WCH or WCHP © . Do a search for these tags, and you will find more in the series.

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