#atozchallenge P is for Productivity [Bonus Video]

This is a bonus post for today. Many of the posts in this series deal around the large topic of productivity, so I haven’t pinpointed the subject into one post. But I wanted to share this video below.

Productivity Video

In this short video, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown (Made in collaboration with Sparring Mind, the behavioural psychology blog) share some interesting tidbits about productivity from the world of science.

The video suggests some interesting steps – most of which you will hear writers always suggesting when asked what makes a successful writer, and most of which you will find though-out this blog series.

  1. Get started
  2. Deliberate Practice – they rely on habit and disciplined scheduling.
  3. 90 minute work regime with a 15 minute break (see P for Pomodoro, which also discusses the 90 minute work schedule also).
  4. Accountability chart to document progress – similar to the Kaban charts discussed in previous post.
  5. Chunk out tasks.
  6. Stop multi-tasking.

AtoZ2013 _thumb

A-to-Z-Core-Habits3-_thumb.jpgThis blog post participated in April 2013’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge, along with many other blogs on subjects as diverse as writing, foodie blogs or mummy blogs.

This blog post is part of a themed series or pack on Writer’s Core Habits. I acronym this as WCH or WCHP © . Do a search for these tags, and you will find more in the series.

No affiliate links are used in these posts.

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