#atozchallenge Q is for Questions for Writers to Ask Ourselves [Bonus Graphic]

As writers, we constantly jumble a list of questions – Who, What, Where, How and importantly the Why of motivation. Here’s a bonus graphic for today, asking us some random questions. But asking some other questions of ourselves is something we should do periodically.

Illustration by Sophie Henson. This illustration was used for the Guardian Review cover of May 2010. In this review piece, several UK authors were asked to interview themselves. You can read their responses online here.

Questioning the Fear

In a guest post by Emma Newman in 2010 she asks ten questions of writers, suggesting these are 10 typical questions from writers (that are really just fear in disguise)

These questions, briefly, are –

1. How many words should my novel be?
2. I have a great idea for a story, how do I find an agent?
3. I’ve written four chapters now, can you advise me on how I write a query?
4. Is there a market for… (insert genre)?
5. I have so many ideas, I don’t have writer’s block. I just can’t decide which one to write. What should I do?
6. Should I write a certain amount of words every day? How many?
7. How much money will I earn?
8. How long will it take to get an agent/publisher if I start sending queries now?
9. Do I have to write the full book before I try to get an agent?
10. Which writing software do you use and recommend?

Some of them seem a bit odd to ask, when slanted as hidden fears, but all can be a distraction from actually knuckling down to write.

So, ask yourself some random questions, see where the fear is.

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