#atozchallenge V is for Visual Motivations for Writers [Gallery Post]

Previously I’ve discussed the writer’s space and the use of visual cues to set habits of writing around (See E for Environment and H for Habits).

Today in a visual post, I’m featuring a small gallery of writing things which may act as visual motivators or cues for writing.

Trinkets, Knick-knacks, Mascots and Wearables to Inspire Writers

“The first thing I did when I decided to be a writer was buy a black coffee mug with “Writer” written in gold across it. I would look at that cup every day to remind me of my commitment to the craft. In fact, on days when the writing drags, I’ll look at it again. It gives me a jolt of enthusiasm.

Come up with your own item of visual motivation. It might be inspirational words taped to your computer (“You get what you dare, baby, and if you want big, you dare big”—author Leonard Bishop), a photograph of an admired writer, or your own rendering of your first novel’s cover. (Be lavish in the critical praise on the back!)” – James Scott Bell. Source.

Well, there are certainly a lot of mugs with “Writer” labelled on them nowadays, thanks to Etsy, Zazzle or CafePress, where you can purchase somebody else’s mug or make your own.

Writer SmurfI don’t have a “writer” cup, but I do have a writing-themed mascot on my desk – a Writing Smurf figurine. As he’s been patient with me lately, I took a photo and include him in the slideshow below.

If you don’t like little visual cues on your desk or wall, consider going the full hog and wearing your writer status on your body. That makes it a very public motivator.

Note – where possible I have included links to the original vendors for these, but some of the photos have been shared a lot across the web, and may be missing their original credits, or the vendors may have gone out of business. These are just a smattering of such tokens, trinkets or visual cues that many writers would like to get, especially as thoughtful (or gimmick) gifts, perhaps. If you’re thinking more helpful gifts, go towards beautiful journals, notebooks or a brand new laser printer for printing off that manuscript (er-hem).

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