Want Books? StoryBundle offers packages at choose-your-own prices

A month ago I discovered StoryBundle, which at the time was offering a good package of female-authored eBooks, curated by M. J. Rose (so: full of thrillers and mystery fiction). Currently, StoryBundle’s newest bundle is a niche-offering of Video-Games books. Previous offers have included Holiday bundles, Halloween bundles and I missed the Indie Crime and Thriller bundle of last year.

These bundles of ebooks are available on choose-your-price options. In other words, readers can choose to pay what they like for a collection of reading.

You can choose to pay $2 per book, $3 per book, or if you decide to meet a minimum price-point, you will receive some bonus books on top of the normal 5 book bundle. The site is for Indie authors, and Indies can submit their own books for consideration in future bundles. The bundles so far have featured best-sellers and award finalists in the Indie book market.

Readers also have the option of choosing the split between the payment going towards the authors of the bundle, and the StoryBundle website. We can also choose whether a certain percent goes to a charity. Payments can be made via Amazon, Paypal or Google. Giftcards are now available through StoryBundle also.

Books arrive as Kindle ebooks. I chose to pick up mine via Kindle, using the direct to Kindle email address that Amazon provides. As the Kindle reading app is available across platforms and devices, this is an easy route to have the books delivered to all my own mobile devices.


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