#atozchallenge Writer’s Core Habits Post Index

In April this blog participates in two corresponding challenges – the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and CampNaNo.

This sticky post will act as an index and progress meter for the challenges.

CampNaNo and A to Z Blogging Progress Meter

Camp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Winner-Lantern-Circle-BadgeThis blog participated in CampNaNo for April. For Camp in April, I had a goal of writing 26,000 words in blog posts – an average of 1000 words per post. By the end of the month I had exceeded that goal, and won CampNaNo.

A to Z Blogging Challenge Index

AtoZ2013-_thumb_thumb.jpgA-to-Z-Core-Habits3-_thumb.jpgFor the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year, my theme for  posts is “Writer’s Core Habits.” These are habits that I am learning as I form a full writing life. I hope some are useful to other writers and creatives.

  1. A is for Affirmations
  2. B is for BPS (Best Possible Self) Popular Post!
  3. C is for Controlling Critics (and Muses)
  4. D is for Dump Pages
  5. E is for Environment – The Writers’ Habitat
  6. F is for Flow [PDF download]
  7. G is for Goals [PDF download]
  8. H is for Habits – Creating Writing Habits Which Stick
  9. I is for Inspiration
  10. J is for The Writing Journal
  11. K is for Kaizen for Writers
  12. L is for Leaving it Undone with a Next Action
  13. M is for Myths of Millions (Writing Practice)
  14. N is for No No’s for Writing
  15. O is for Obstacles and Opportunities in Writing Popular Post!
  16. P is for Pomodoro (and Butt Out of Chair)
  17. Q is for Quotas for Writers [PDF download]
  18. R is for Writing Rituals and Routines (Writuals ) [PDF Download]
  19. S is for Successful Traits of the Writer [PDF Download]

  20. T is for Time Management for Writers
  21. U is for Unplugging as a Writer
  22. V is for Visual Motivations for Writers
  23. W is for The Writer’s Rule Book [Homegrown Infographic]
  24. X is for X-Ray Reading – Reading Like a Writer
  25. Y is for 2.Years.2.A.Book [Homegrown Infographic]
  26. Z is for Zee Endz [Resources and References Listings]
  27. A to Z Challenge Reflections Post (in A-Z Order).

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