What about Writer Voice?

I was thinking about my author branding yesterday as I wrote up my final post in that series. And at the end I wrote  off-tangent a little – about voice. But it belongs separately. So, here it is. My voice…what the heck is it?

If only I could audition for ‘The Voice’. The Australian version running currently has Seal as a judge. He’d kindly tell me whether I have one or not. My money’s on the NOT.

voice_thumb2_thumbI know this at least – I have  differing voices found in my writing:

There’s the blogging aspect (and need I mention that my blogging is accompanied by a herd of cartoon alpacas?). Some of it is really not that serious at all.

There’s the authority voice when I’m blogging about project management, technology, or some aspects of productivity in writing.

And then there’s the voice found in my fiction also.

They say that most writers go searching for their voice at some point, only to find that they will find their voice when they’re not looking for it (something also often suggested for the search for a soul mate or potential husband, I vaguely recall).

Such advice can only be given by those safe and comfortable in their own voice or mateship, naturally. Because in the thick of it, as soon as you start thinking about it, and given such advice, you’re driven into more thinking about it. Trapped. BlackAdder would have called this a cunning plan.

That means that given my attention has suddenly turned to my writing voice, I’ll not be able to hear it. I’m deaf to my own voice. Ah, irony.

It undoubtedly also means that as a reader, you’re sitting here and laughing at me, because you can hear my voice all along.

In which case, try defining it for me, and do this poor writer a favour.

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