Looking for more Blogathon punishment?

After the A to Z Blogging Challenge of April, if you’re into more month-long blogathon challenges, there are a couple of options – one running right now, another for June.

Note: I’m not doing these, although have done the Wordcount one before. I’m still recovering from the A to Z, and getting back my writing mojo.

May – Story of My Life – Blog Every Day in May

BlogEverydayJenni is running  the Blog Every Day in May Blogathon this month. With few rules, you can join in now. Each day there is a topic which you can interpret creatively – with a basic theme for the blogathon around introducing yourself to the world. Each post / topic has a linky link to it, to link up your own post, and read others.

Link: Story of My Life – Blog Every Day in May

June – Wordcount Blogathon

Wordcount Blogathon 2013Run by Michelle Rafter, this year the Wordcount Blogathon is running for its sixth year. This blogathon requires prior registration, and you will get a blog badge, and newsletter with motivational advice with signup.

The blogathon is devised to provide you with blogging experience to build your brand with, promote something with, or establish yourself as an expert. But from my early experience of the Wordcount blogathon (some years ago), the community also provides lots of help and inspiration to new bloggers just looking to start out writing a blog.

Survivors of the 30 days of posting will be entered in a raffle for writing-related prizes. Although days aren’t themed, during the month there will be certain days where topics are provided as a challenge, or guest posting amongst participant blogs is organised.

Link: The 2013 WordCount Blogathon Headquarters.

3 thoughts on “Looking for more Blogathon punishment?

  1. Those two blogs are heavily on marketing with banner ads etc. Hunter, do you know anything about these people, or could these initiatives be a marketing tool to bring people to their blogs? Not that I have an issue with that… people need to make a living, I don’t have an issue with monetizing their blogs, but as there are so many challenges and these are the first I have seen with such heavy ads, I am wondering what’s going on.

    Sorry to be negative. As I said to you in the other comment, I don’t see either of these as being good for mental health. People need time out! As a writing coach and a mental health worker, this concerns me. Exhaustion is a creativity killer – not to mention the effect on families.

    1. Nuts, WordPress is paying havoc with my reply comments lately. So I’ll attempt again, without the degree of detail.

      I’ve done Michelle Rafter’s Wordcount blogathon previously and it’s designed to build blogs with. How people take that is up to them – there are a lot of new bloggers who start off within the comfort of the community and small challenges given, others use the challenge for niche blogging on a topic. The blogathon has been running for double the time-frame of A to Z, and I’m sure there are even older ones out there that I’m not aware of. The chance to sign up for guest blogging swaps is a good one, as are some of the challenges.

      I’ve not done the newer Blog Everyday in May challenge – it seems to me a good way to introduce yourself given the daily topics.

      Regarding blogging every day within a blogathon, I’ve just done it, and really got a lot out of it, including a greater sense of community. But I’m not doing it again solely to re-energise myself, as you say. But the May challenge I wrote of, allows you to signup on the linky list daily, not such an onus to blog every day. And the Wordcount blogathon isn’t until June.

  2. The Whip It Good Blogfest is in stark contrast and a good idea. I’ll send that one around my networks happily. Cheers Hunter. (Sidebar buttons are really helpful!) 🙂

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