Odd Mail

As a writer, I presume we must get used to getting odd mail sometimes, and putting on an innocent face when presented with a questioning one on that of the mailman or courier deliverer.

I arrived home today to find a large bag deposited on my front porch. It had been cleared through customs thankfully, so I lugged it in to inspect it knowing at least that I hadn’t taken unknown possession of something contraband. The box inside contained books – I’d long since forgotten that I’d purchased April’s – or was it March’s? – premium collection from US Writing Magazine and Book Publisher Writer’s Digest.

Surprise books on the doorstep are always a bonus for anyone (surely?) but I was more surprised by the fact I hadn’t recognised them – the return label denoted an address via Sweden. U.S. books coming via Sweden? Really?

This is the second time in two weeks that I’ve received U.S. originated parcels via Sweden. The first was for some CampNaNo goodies I ordered via the Office of Lightness and Writing Goodnesses’ store.  Those came via Sweden also. Perhaps Australia has this strange new relationship with Sweden providing a very large mailing department for the country, I don’t know. Or is it the U.S. that’s now gone to Europe and back? Just how far have my books traversed the globe to get down under?

That’s not the oddest mail I’ve received lately. I joined a local writing chapter for a writing organisation. SIC is an organisation for mystery / crime / detective genre writers – not only for women also. I can only imagine my postie’s careful poker face as he shoved a plain manila envelope into my letterbox the other week, though. Addressed to me, of course, the return address was quite as large in the front corner. I was receiving a plain envelope from the Sisters in Crime Organisation.

No wonder he doesn’t bring my mail down to me anymore when I’m out in the front garden.

Have you had any odd mail arriving lately?

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