Scale of the Universe [Infographic]

This interactive infographic helps to put life into perspective, and gives me some inspiration towards my own labour of love over writing too.

Last week I had some not unexpected news, but sit a little in mourning for my own youth. I have to go in for some surgery in a couple of month’s time, surgery which will hopefully make me a lot healthier, but also signifies the end of an era for me. For some reason, it also reminds me that although I am only a tiny blot in the scheme of things, I share with most of humanity that deep need to explore, to learn, and to explain – part of what makes writers the storytellers that we are. Although parts of my body may disappear, I can count on my human nature to continue to marvel at the scale of things.

Click on the graphic BELOW to take yourself to the interactive map.

Scale of the Universe infographic: developed by brothers Cary and Michael Huang. This visualisation zooms from the quantum level up to the observable Universe, and includes two worms of various sizes, and the minecraft world.

Click me to go to the interactive graphic

One thought on “Scale of the Universe [Infographic]

  1. Hunter, I am sorry to hear you are awaiting surgery. It’s never an easy thing, but I stand with you in hope that it greatly improves your health and that at the end, it will very much be worth it.

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