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  1. I’m reluctant to leave this note, Hunter, but hoped you wouldn’t mind ‘an older generation’ wordpress blog question and….from a printer’s daughter with an eye for this sort of thing. I’m not sure how to take best advantage of your site. There is no where for my eye to rest, and I don’t understand if I am looking at little ads or if I should pick a box that might call to me. I discovered you during the #atozchallenge. Are these little boxes you post for the day? I’m determined to crack this nut, but if you could state for me the main purpose of Hunter’s Writing, or navigating the site better it would help me and perhaps others? Thanks for your time…from a fellow writer.

    1. Hello Stepheny.

      Thanks so much for leaving the comment. I’ve spent an entire morning looking into my options. Unfortunately after “trying on” more than fifty other templates available for wordpress.com users, I’ve not found a blog design which gives me everything that I need – which includes feature images for each blog post, sharing options, sidebars for widgets (like the sharing and community options) and importantly, a mobile version of the website that the current template – called Pinboard (based on Pinterest) does.

      I’ve jigged the template around as much as possible to attempt to cater towards your legitimate comments – I’ve enlarged the columns for the blog posts, so that they take more precedence over the sidebar (to the left), and I’ve laid in a simple grey background to enhance the posts. Not knowing what browser you use, I can’t see how you view the website – which is different for everyone, depending on screen resolutions, browsers used etc.

      The majority of the followers here get to my blog posts via various other means – they follow as wordpress.com users, or subscribe via emails, or an RSS feed – or click on links to posts from cross-posting through to my Facebook pages or Twitter stream. Many (and I do this) actually read this blog via mobile devices (I do, via an iPad) and the template I’m using is mobile-ready meaning that all the images and columns etc are resized automatically for better reading on smaller devices.

      These various ways take them directly into the full page of each new blog post, should they want to read it.

      But for new readers or ones who browse to individual blogs, I can understand the confusion when first encountering the magazine style of having posts with feature images. I am hoping that my slight changes have made these more discoverable for such people.

      Instructions: Then they can simply click on the image or title of each box (or the continue reading link) to be taken into the full post page.

      Your comment about my objectives in blogging was also a thought-provoking one. This blog is not my author platform website – which will cater content for my readers when I do publish. It started off simply as a journal of my own individual writing journey, just like the hundreds of other writer’s blogs I read, did. But with a slowly growing readership of like-minded writers on a similar journey, the content has grown more towards news and views, links and ideas I’ve discovered week by week. Through the blog I’ve met and discovered many writers I share the same interests with.

      I would prefer people to simply pick and choose posts that look interesting to them. Statistics show that the most popular posts on here are either specific to my writing genre of choice – thrillers, or instructional in topics like productivity for writers. Infographics are extremely popular too – which is something I’m into.

      I’ve long had in mind that at some future point I’ll amalgamate both websites, or then there’s the possibility that once I’ve published more than a couple of books, I’ll want to spend more time with my readers, and less time writing about writing. But I’ve been a blogger for over a decade now, and enjoy sharing my discoveries with fellow writers. Your question is an excellent one to suggest – that we, from time to time, re-assess why we are blogging, who for,and how we can adjust to cater for our growing readerships.

      After getting me to do so today (thank you!) I’ve retitled the blog to Hunter’s Writing Journey – exploring the writing world.

      If you still find the blog design on the front page too “busy” or boxy I would recommend you input your email to receive notifications of new posts in your email inbox. I’m hoping some of my content will be of interest to you. As are your comments.

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