Friday Link Love for Writers 7June13

HuntingDownWriting Link LoveI post links to interesting blog posts and information for writers on an almost daily basis. Those tweets (cross-posted to my Facebook page) will appear in the Tweet summary in the footer of this website (and in my twitter stream) but I’m going to post a list of my favourites here again as some linky love.

Note: some of these links lead to older posts – perhaps several months old, but which are still popular and doing the rounds of social sharing this week.

Popular Posts and Pins from Hunter

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 PinYA Husbands  Pin3ActStructure
Potential Husbands from YA Fantasy  3 Act Structure

Books & Workshop News

Author Platform & Promotion

Tech for Writers

Writing Craft

The Writing Life

4 thoughts on “Friday Link Love for Writers 7June13

    1. Oh so sorry about that. NOT! I’m just glad I’ve given some thought-provoking links to somebody.

  1. LOVE this mega list! I am very tempted to start clicking every link right now, but I’ll be at my computer for 12 hours non-stop. Thanks for posting this.

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