Indie Life: Finding a Home and Internet Dating

IndieLifeEvery second Wednesday of the month, the Indelibles blog holds the Indie Life blogfest. Signup here, and follow around the linky route for other posts. This is my first entry into Indie Life, just in the nick of time.

Today I wanted to briefly talk about the mixed feelings of home found in being an Indie writer.

Home is Everywhere or Nowhere?

Another writer who occasionally turns up here – PK Hrezo, said it first in her own Indie Life post – Writerly Friends. That post talks about community and she trumpets two of her particular writing friends she’s met over the internet.

Whereas traditional authors have actual physical contact with real life people – if they’re lucky – like agents, and publishers, and book store readers; the Indie side of publishing can be a little lonelier – or more virtual, shall we say?

Friendships are formed over the internet, naturally. Books are sold via those means also – although Indies are seeking real-life promotional opportunities through bookstores, and conferences, to meet real life fans or readers also.

internet friendsOur homes are our websites, or platforms. That’s how people see us – not everything about us, just what we choose to share. But that’s little different from traditionally published authors who have platforms on the web, also.

I figure friendships over the internet are a little like blind-dating. I remember some attempts of real life blind-dating many years ago. It was before internet dating, so the setup was via newspaper adverts, then a couple of chats over the phone. Then we met. Not one went well – over the phone we were good to go,but the reality of a face-to-face meeting found a lot lacking. I once was surprised by my date turning up in a beret, and hollywood cravat, a kiwi guy who really wanted to be a French movie star. He was at least three decades older than he’d made out, also. That “date” was exceedingly awkward.

I also dated an American astronaut – a payload specialist who was also a divorcee, over the internet for a while. He once flew over me (I want to believe him) in the Space Shuttle – which flew over Wellington, New Zealand during it’s orbital path. I did my best to research him, but there’s only so much information on staff that NASA was going to allow the general public.

My other successful internet date was a Swedish man, who sent some incredibly expensive red roses to me. To my workplace – an extra bunch of kudos with all my female workmates.

Can you tell I had more success with people I dated who I knew I could keep afar – over half the world away. It was safer than meeting them in a cafe locally, and finding them in a beret, and strange accent.

Then again, statistics – if they can be believed – now suggest that people who have met over the internet are now more likely to have a long-term and stable marriage.

I ponder what it might be like, as an Indie writer, to finally meet some of those friends and contacts I’ve formed over the internet in real life – maybe at a conference meetup. I imagine it would be fascinating, joyful in some places, and sometimes a little awkward.

If you’ve been fortunate to do this in real life, please tell me how it went.

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