Friday Link Love for Writers 14June13

HuntingDownWriting Link LoveAnother round of links from the last week.

That’s two weeks in a row, possibly a record. Some of these links are older, but still doing the social media rounds.

Popular Posts and Pins from this week

  • Two Pins on Pinterest:
 will smith

Will Smith motivation

 honestdisneyHonest Disney Movie Posters by TheFW

Writing Craft


Publishing and Promotion

  • A couple of interesting viewpoints over indie or self publishing success:
  1. I would like to see more of an acceptance of the hybrid model in the #UK.” @TheCreativePenn to @LouisDressner via @Porter_Anderson : this link points to June’s edition of the Contemporary Publishing Magazine on Issuzu – a UK based online mag.
  2. Versus this in-depth opinion piece by Porter Anderson comparing our two recent huge book fairs – BEA and London, where London wins over with it’s large Authorsure Lounge for authors, and the BEA’s most successful author stall was purchased by a group of successful self-publishers.) Ether for Authors: How London Beat BEA’s Pants Off

Strictly Indie

Writing Life

The Big Issue: Bullying, Racism and Misogyny in Writing

Note – this is an issue for all writing genres, although currently highlighted in the Science Fiction community. However, it’s not confined to writers – as a woman, and somebody of some ethnic origins, I’ve found similar everywhere I go. Australia has, over the past two weeks, also had to take another look at it’s own ideology, with racist comments within the AFL, and this week misogyny becoming a platform for political battles in two different instances. We all need to consider these issues as they remain real within our societies.

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