Care for some Writing Goals Support? ROW80, Ready Set Write! and Ninja Teams

Goal SettingFor most writers I know, it’s summer time. Yay you! Spare a thought for us down-under writers who may be shivering inside and outside. But no matter the hemisphere, most of us share the next few months with some school holidays to manoeuvre through, if parents, and some definite intentions to make the most of the months and get some writing done.

If you’re looking for some community motivation and cheering on, there are a couple of options in blogfests to join.

ROW80 – A Round of Words in 80 Days

row80Kait Nolan’s ROW80 blogfest has been running for three years now. I joined up a couple of years ago, and went through each quarter until the last, due to other commitments.

“ROW80 is the challenge that champions the marriage of writing and real life”.

In other words, ROW80 encourages writers to re-assess and replan goals when necessary, to meet life’s demands.

  • 4 Rounds a year run for 80 days each. Round 3 for 2013 begins July 1st.
  • Share your writing – and life goals on a blog post, and then keep blog readers updated on check-in posts – these run on Sundays and Wednesdays every week during the round.
  • Each time you post on your blog – goals at the start of the round, or check-in posts, you will need to link to this post via the relevant ROW80 linky post during the week. You will find these on the ROW80 blog.
  • My recommendations : I only posted my goals once a month, and a check-in post once a week, rather than twice-weekly. This made the goals and check-ins more manageable for me.
  • Details on ROW80 are found here.
  • Sponsors during the round will also provide motivational blogposts found at ROW80.
  • Twitter hashtag is #ROW80.
  • The Facebook page allows you to post a link to your latest check-in posts.

Ready. Set. WRITE!

ready set write buttonHosted on five blogs, the new Ready. Set. WRITE! blogfest will run over the next two(ish) months. The blogfest utilises Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk’s Wednesday check-in blogfest called What’s Up Wednesday.

This blogfest is designed for any writer who “wants to get in some serious writing or revision during the summer.” The blogfest is intended to give encouragement with blog posts, Twitter parties, and travelling around the participants to read their posts.

  • Runs from June 11th to August 28th.
  • Signup on the linky list for Ready. Set. WRITE! at the host blogs – Jaime Morrow, Erin L. Funk, Alison Miller, Katy Upperman, or Elodie Nowodazkij.
  • Set weekly or monthly writing goals, and share those goals and check-ins via the What’s Up Wednesday blogfest. You will need to register your blogpost on this linky list each Wednesday also. SEE below for more details.
  • Details on Ready.Set.WRITE here on Jaime Morrow’s blog (other hosts will have these also).
  • Twitter Parties will be run by the hosts, with a hashtag of #ReadySetWrite.
  • There is some kind of giveaway also, called the Writer’s Care Package, which is yet to be announced.

What’s Up Wednesday

What's Up WednesdayThis weekly blogfest is to be used for posting for the Ready.Set.WRITE blogfest check-in posts. Use the blog button on these posts. (Technically this means that during Ready.Set.Write, you will have two blog buttons on your post. The blogposts should work with responses to the following headings –

  1. What I’m Reading
  2. What I’m Writing
  3. What Else I’ve Been Up To
  4. What Inspires Me Right Now
  • To Signup for What’s Up Wednesday, you must find the linky signup at the bottom of the relevant post on either Jaime Morrow’s blog or Erin L Funk’s blog every Wednesday.

The Writer’s Dojo NiNo Teams

Writers DojoAli Cross founded The Writer’s Dojo, and I’m sure you’ve noticed all the Ninja badges populating the writing blogosphere.  Basically now, every month at the Writer’s Dojo website is Ninja Novel Writing Month. You can now join specific teams for the month –

  • WriMo = writing month
  • ReMo = revising month
  • QuMo = querying month
  • PubMo = publishing month
  • Each month, join the training room you’ll be working in (or all four if you’re extra busy!) There is a linky list for each training room, found via the top menu system on the Writer’s Dojo website.  With this signup, you are encouraged to write in your blog post your goals for the month. You can also pick up a badge for each training dojo.
  • You then will need to check-in every Saturday using a form you will find at the bottom of each training room – WriMo’s will have to input a wordcount for the week, ReMo’s will input how many pages they revised during the week, QuMo’s input the number of queries sent out, and PubMo’s have a short list of publishing tasks to tick off.
  • Leaderboards for these check-ins are announced on Mondays. Anyone who has met their goals for the month will receive the Writing Ninja badge to sport on their blogs.
  • The website offers you Ninja Rank badges for your blog, including specific ones for where you are in your writing journey, and ones for the training room/s you have joined during the month.
  • Twitter hashtags –  #writingninja #ninjachat (Chats are every Thursday from 4pm Eastern Time)
  • G+ Community provides chat, writing sprints, occasional write-ins and connections.

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