Insecure Writing – On a Trip

As you read this, I’m not here right now. There’s a good chance I’ll be sitting around a tropical pool, enjoying some Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine, and catching up on some reading from my mountainous ToReads.

There’s an even better chance I’ll be sitting around a tropical pool, enjoying some Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine, and fretting over the fact I’ve hit a bump in my writing, and am feeling lost and guilty and fearful that I’m a pretty rubbish writer really.

Should I take my writing on holiday with me? Will a change of scenery for me, as a writer, help to kick the missing mojo back in? Or should writing have a holiday too?

Is that even possible?

iwsgWelcome to one of the many insecurities of being a writer. This is my entry for this new month’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group, posted in proxy while I am truly on holiday, and probably thinking over the writer’s predicament.

At the point of writing and scheduling this post, I’m thinking about what to pack for our family holiday. No, not a list of things like underwear, swimmers, a beach towel, smart casual for the evening (although, come to think – I am not a very smart-cas type of person. Perhaps I should go shopping first, as the trackies and boots I’m currently wearing probably won’t cut it).

I’m wondering how much paraphernalia for writing I can hide in the luggage. I’m definitely taking the iPAD – I’ll have to download plenty of those books I’m yet to read.  But what about the laptop? And a notebook, and some pens. The laptop is a significant investment in baggage space, especially when you end up lugging one across airport transit lounges and pulling it out for customs inspection only to have all of the miscellany in your bag come out onto the floor with it. At SheWrites recently, Ellen Cassedy had similar thoughts about writers on vacation, giving five ideas of things we can do. I particularly like the suggestion to draw rather than write.

I pondered whether a writer could contemplate taking a few weeks away from their writing? It seems that some do just that, although any writer knows that even if the physical writing may not make the trip with us, the mental side can never not come.

Which is what I’m hoping for, really. Because currently I’m not doing so well on the actual writing front. There’s a bump. It seems massive. I think some of it comes from general lethargy found in sitting in the cold looking out at cloudy barren days. Some of it is due to fear of just how much work there is in revising what I’ve got. And some is fear of actually finishing.

So, I’m hoping some new brighter scenery will provide that rush of mojo, and see me back at work. With a laptop. I guess my mind is now made up. Now, about that new smart-cas gear I need…


4 thoughts on “Insecure Writing – On a Trip

  1. You can take it, but there’s no guarantee you’ll actually get much done. I’m on vacation right now, and other than my blog post, I’ve written one morning. Good blog post!

  2. Do the reading holiday and let your mind refresh and hopefully you will come back to your writing raring to go. I hope the holiday has been a good one! One thought I had though, was. Instead of lugging the laptop around you could take a notebook for if you really got an urge.

  3. It’s definitely a good idea to take time away from the stories you’re writing from time to time… though whether this is the right time for you to do so is obviously a judgment call.

    I’d recommend taking a notebook of some sort – I’ve had plenty of times when something in the news or real life has struck me as a great idea for a subplot, development or character, even though I’ve not worked on the story itself for weeks or months.

    The writer’s instinct may never totally switch off, but sometimes it’s best to put it on the backburner.

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