Indie Life: Visual Book Review – How to Market a Book

IndieLifeDue to my current bout with Fijian flu, I’m a couple of days late on the monthly Indie Life post, but wanted to incorporate this visual book review, relevant to Indie Authors.

Joanna Penn is well-known to writers with her top writing website, and she’s just come out with a new book for writers – How to Market a Book. Although she says (quite rightly) that marketing is relevant to both traditionally published and self-published authors nowadays, the book concentrates very much on aspects of marketing and publishing up to Amazon for Indie writers. The book is an excellent reference tool, and I’m including my 5 star review from Goodreads below the graphic review.

Hunter - Book Review - How to Market a Book

How To Market A BookHow To Market A Book by Joanna Penn (J.F. Penn)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From editing cycles as prerequisites, blasting current marketing myths, explaining pricing, the importance of author pages, explaining soft launches, ideas for gathering reviews, social media and everything else. The author, well-known through her top writers site – The Creative Penn, takes any person wishing to sell a book through everything, using her own stories of both success and a little failure, and linking to further detailed resources.

Not only for Indie authors as we know that even traditionally published authors nowadays are expected to provide a lot of their own book promotion.

For those seeking even further advice, the book can be purchased with a premium upgrade accessing audio content and a personal session with Joanna Penn, but my own reading of this new book sufficed to fill in a lot of holes in my own marketing plans. I have taken a lot of courses and read a lot of blog posts on the subject, but this book appears to cover most if not all of the book marketing topic, is written well, and has provided me with many new ideas. Definitely one for my writer’s tool box. 5/5.

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