Reading Log July 17

HuntingDownWriting ReadingLogMy reading log and quick reviews for my reading week are listed below.

Magazines (all three mentioned are available via Bookstand as apps)

  • writelifemagazine summer editionThe August edition of Writing Magazine (UK) – emag via subscription. I enjoyed the following articles:
    • Write-away Days – write away from home.
    • A Clue to Christie – the discovery of Agatha Christie’s notebooks.
  • The latest edition of Writers Forum (UK) – emag via subscription, and recommend the following articles:
    • Psychology – Mbi continuation on feeling vs thinking personality types
    • Technophobia – how to publish a kindle ebook, step by steps
  • I also discovered The Write Life Magazine, an interactive magazine available for my iPAD. I subscribed, but the app doesn’t allow me to buy the two previous issues. The Summer edition has some interesting articles to play with, however.

Books and an App.

HowtoMarketaBookWriting Craft: How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn.

My visual review and goodreads review was shared on this Wednesday post.

I thoroughly recommend this book for writers, and gave it 5 stars.

Non-Fiction: The Zone by Tom Evans

The ZoneThe Zone by Tom Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I knew Tom Evans way back when he was helping out writers, and picked his new book up with a viewpoint of getting myself back into a writing or productivity flow. But this book is much bigger than that, dealing out some neuro-scientific brain principles, and some spiritual and esoteric whole-mind theories towards different zones of doing, danger and ultimately, being.

The author details several zones in the three categories, with six levels or states of each, diagrammed in a hexagonal format which fits together with other major zones to produce super zones. Readers of this ebook also have access to an online ecourse which provides additional content for meditation and creativity exercises to get us into a zone of being.

YA Fiction: Diary of a Superhero Kid by Boyd Brent

Diary of a Superhero Kid (Diary of a Superhero Kid, #1)Diary of a Superhero Kid by Boyd Brent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this, it’s a quick and humourous read, but some of the voice of the MC grates on me, as it did with my ten year old daughter who couldn’t get over the MC talking sometimes like a four year old, sometimes like a 1980’s teen. I didn’t enjoy the ending based on an awful portrayal of the British Queen, and it ends with telling the reader to follow the adventures further by buying the next diary.

Amazon is full of five star ratings from kids, however, all of whom (including my daughter) thoroughly enjoy the humour, and as it’s a quick easy read, I’m willing to give Freddie (the MC) another shot in the series.

View all my reviews on Goodreads.

iPOE 2 (App)

iPoe2AppEdgar Allen Poe – Hop Frog, The Raven, Black Cat, plus some bonus material. Illustrations by David Garcia Foreres, Original soundtrack – Teo Grimalt.

This app was a freebie last Friday for the day. This is an interactive book app, animating three of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories to music, with animation through some of the pages. My favourite is the last story, Black Cat, although all three tales end with some gruesome visuals in Poe style. Because the illustrations are somewhat cartoonish, this app will be a good way to introduce some of Poe’s works to older kids (who will probably enjoy the horror elements more than I).  I gave the app 5 out of 5 stars at the iTunes store.

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