Do You Know your Blogging Type(s)?

Ali Luke at Write to Done posted ‘The 7 Types of Blogger: Which One Are You?“.  I found the post interesting, as it appears that authors as a group, have created a type of blogger (the platform blogger) entirely for themselves.

Here’s the list (go to the Write to Done post for detailed explanations):

  1. The Niche Expert
  2. The Business Owner
  3. The Professional Blogger
  4. The Journal Writer
  5. The Platform-Builder
  6. The Product Promoter
  7. The Freelancer

What is possibly more telling is the comments responding to Ali’s question – ‘Which one are you?’  Several answered, rather than with one type, with a range of 3 answers, types 1, 2 and 5 being popular.

Personally, I’ve always considered this blog to roam between 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. However, I don’t specifically think of this as a platform-building blog because my platform should be about my future readers (thriller or other genre readers) for my fiction, whereas this more personal blog is currently about my writing journey and learnings, with a niche readership of mainly fellow writers. I also consider it a business blog, because we, as authors/writers, must start considering our writing as a business if we want a long-term out of it.

Here’s a different take on blog types, at Zemanta, although they also list 7 types (explanations provided by me, read the full details at Zemanta):

  1. Hedonist – promote different lifestyles, keyword targets (equates to Niche bloggers)
  2. Techie – relays technical details, spreads their methods (equates to niche, or professional)
  3. Professional – blogging is part of their job
  4. Preacher – shares viewpoints
  5. Life Improvers – people like our lifestyle gurus, idea and concept bloggers –  Seth Godin and Lifehacker as examples.
  6. Beauty Hunters – aesthetic bloggers, design bloggers, fashion bloggers (equates to Niche, and Product Promoters often)
  7. Life Stager – examples given are Mummy blogs, student blogs (equates to journal writers  and dependent on how professional they get, possibly Product Promoters, Niche experts etc)

The Zemanta post goes further and suggests some of the above types fall into different categories such as emotional bloggers or thinkers.

At Blog Basics, Kenneth Byrd says there are 4 types of blogs:

  1. Personal blogs – (the journal writers, platform-builders,  preachers, hedonistic, beauty hunters etc – full of reviews, opinions, diary entries) – many of these, when finding a niche, can become specialist.
  2. Specialist blogs – (niche bloggers / pro-bloggers).
  3. Business blogs
  4. Money making blogs (niche bloggers, product promoters).

For me, this shorter list makes a little more sense than the ranging list at Zemanta. However, here’s how I see this blog –

Hunting Down Writing is a personal blog or a platform-builder (writer/author) with a lean into techie, life-stager / niche in the incorporation of writing and creativity as a specialist topic.

Is it Important to Know Your Blogging Type?

I believe it is, in a general way. We blog with a purpose (well, writers enjoy blogging normally because they enjoy writing, don’t they?) and with some plans, unless it’s a personal blog with a smaller and personal defined audience (of our family?). Knowing the general areas your blog sits within will allow us to plan what we want to get out of it. (And what we are willing or need to put into it).

Do you agree with this? What’s your own blog’s types? Do you agree with Ali’s list of blog types? Is it possible to define your own blog to one type?  Go and read Ali’s post and add to the conversation.

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