Freebie Book: Cook Like a Writer

I’ve had food on the mind lately. Specifically – cake. I put my fixation onto my lack of strength after a bout with the flu, I must need a quick sugar hit or something. Here’s a freebie recipe book written by- and for writers, available from Smashwords. Available in all formats for free.

Note: Aunt Maxine’s Applesauce Cake sounds particularly appealing at this point.

Cook Like a Writer coverCook Like a Writer    by Book Posse
Price: Free! Approx. 39,540 words. Published on February 22, 2013. Category: Nonfiction

A cookbook like no other, written by a group of six authors who are helping to change the world one word–and one recipe–at a time. Features many of the recipes from their Tasty Tuesday Blogs. Whether you’re a gastronomic genius or a cooking clod, you’ll find these recipes easy, unique and loaded with anecdotal tidbits that you can enjoy while you’re slaving over that stove.

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