Weekly Report Card July 19

This week has been a quiet week on the blog, but I wanted to create an honesty box (Weekly Reporting Routine) for myself, without going into a long list of goals. This is the first. I will be covering creative, writing work, blogging work, and reading from the past week or so. And some life, because that always needs to be blended.

As this is my first, I’ll be including the past three or so weeks.

Weekly Report 19 July

Report Explanation

I’ve chosen an illustrated pie-chart format. Obviously, the intention is to find that the green slices of pie – for the writing business, are the biggest chunk of my week, showing some productivity. Or at least a better blend of life and work. However, that’s not happening at the moment.

I am glad that I’ve managed quite a lot of reading (for me), and some creative projects also. Cross-toes that the big red slice for health shrinks in the near future, allowing me movement into productive write-life blend.

Life in general – Health Reigns Over All

Unfortunately, this bout of chest infection – turned flu – turned stomach bug has wiped me out. I’m still recovering at a slow pace.

At least I’m back to blogging and a little reading so far. School holidays being now over, things are slowly returning to the norm, but I’ve also become more and more of a sports Mum, driving partner or daughter to various training sessions or games during each week.

Creative Shakes – Redford Sock Monkey

sockmonkeyFor those in Australia intrigued by these, the monkeys are original Rockford Red Heeled socks, and the kits (in several colours) plus instruction booklets, are available from Campbell’s Store Craft Centre in Morpeth – they do mail order.

I had to unpack my new sewing machine and learn how to work this, to create the monkey with my daughter.

Writing – Nil by Mouth

pencilbrokeI must be honest with myself and admit I am going through a period of severe lethargy, dare I say it – writer’s block, regarding my fiction work. I lost my passion for story, and my characters still need work.

I think this is all pretty much par for the course of a writer’s life, and know that to halt the apathy I just need to set myself some small action points each day. But right now, with a cloudy mind and feeling unwell, it’s not the right time to make that first approach.

Reading the Week(ish)

HuntingDownWriting ReadingLogMy report card includes two lots of reading.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Report Card July 19

  1. Sounds like you have a perfect excuse for having done NOTHING – that ‘arc’ of illness sounds awful! But you did more than nothing, so well done you I say!

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