Reading Log – for August, and Update of my Work

HuntingDownWriting ReadingLogMy great intentions of reading while in hospital for a few days at the start of the month never eventuated. My heavy brain just couldn’t cope with reading, and it’s taken me a few weeks to get back into it. But here’s what my reading tells about me.

Strangely, I can’t quite get into fiction right now. Perhaps my concentration span is still catching up within my recovery.

So, this quick graphic of some of my reading over the last month is quite telling of what I’ve been up to – mostly reading technical manuals on Evernote, as I am in a productivity kick.

Aug somethingAnd the Softball Moms book (which I recommend) also tells you what else has overtaken my month – as I’ve eased back into life (and am now allowed to drive a car again, thank goodness), I’ve been out most weekends supporting my family through sporting finals.

I’m collating all my Evernote thoughts and webclippings into a Tumblr blog, and into – of course, Evernote itself. I’ve written enough to make a good book out of it, so am calling myself an Evernote power-user now. All that writing and collation takes me back to my technical writing days. So yeah – not much fiction going on, but I’m happy to be back writing and reading again.

And now…now I’m off to sit out in the sunshine for lunch, and am going to do some more reading.

3 thoughts on “Reading Log – for August, and Update of my Work

  1. Congratulations on mastering Evernote; mine ended up looking like my desk – aagh. Writing and reading in the sunshine – nirvana. Namaste.

    1. Mike, there’s nothing wrong with a messy desk (or Evernote). A mess on the desk I’ve got. But at least Evernote lets me search and find that paper I lost under the big M&M cannister.

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