Calling for: Writers Who Use Evernote

evernote for writers roundAre you a writer who uses Evernote for some aspects of your writing?

I am currently writing a book on the subject, and would like to include some quick case-studies, showing the various uses Writers can put to the Evernote note-taking and apps system.

If you would like to be included in this book, please contact me, providing a quick case study or list of how you use Evernote as a writer, your blog or website address, and recent writing projects.


  1. Case Studies are subject to editing, but I will include your author name and link should I use your work, in the general body of the book, and also in a list of credits and thankyous in the back of the book.
  2. Selection of case studies is my personal choice. There is also room to be included on the website pages supporting this book in the future, on the Tumblr blog Evernote for Writers, or on this blog – all with linkbacks to your site.
  3. If I use your case study you will receive a free ebook copy of the book when it is published.

6 thoughts on “Calling for: Writers Who Use Evernote

    1. Well, Evernote has a 100 year start-up plan, and we’re only 1/5th of the way, so maybe there’s hope they’ll assimilate you yet :p

      Or maybe my book will convince you.

      In the meantime, for a more board like environment, how about Springpad? It doesn’t have all the entry points Evernote has, but it’s good to go for product boards, visual boards, and with suggestions, is really fun to use.

      1. My problem is am more of a notebook person and just like having a notebook full of half illegible scribbles open next to me I know Evernote would be more practical in some ways but it doesn’t feel so personal if you know what I mean

      2. Use your old-school notebooks,then use your smartphone Evernote version to photograph in your notes – kept for posterity. And Evernote has OCR so will recognise the text / handwriting so that you can search for that idea you had at 1am on some morning.

    1. John, I’m featuring Springpad in my book as an alternative to Evernote, but I really consider them complementary, and use both myself.

      Now that Springpad looks like a more visual board environment, and with the social media integration, I tend to use it more for product boards and collections but the rich-text formatting in Evernote swings me on heavier writing tasks. And Evernote offers many ways of getting documents into the database including auto-import folders, and many third-party apps for easy note-taking integration.

      But Springpad’s UI just looks nice, part of the reason that for some tasks, I’m in agreement with you.

      Regarding these major note-taking cloud-apps, I’m interested to see what happens with Google Keep. Or not, as can be the case for some of Google’s experiments.

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