Poll: Please vote on your favourite cover design. (Updated)

Help me out with a cover design, please. A Poll is attached. Updated with a fourth set of covers after comments.

Update: Thank you for your votes and comments so far. I have taken some on board,and now added a fourth image set (Version D). The poll was opened for a week, so you still have a few days to vote on this, and all votes and comments are really helping me out.

Please note that the images you are seeing appear differently depending on browsers. I opened this post in Safari iOS on my iPad, to find that the mobile version of this blog template managed to resize both images – the 300 pixel width image is shrunk, and the thumbnail image which is normally 1/3 of the larger was pulled out in size, meaning although bigger, the image had been blurred.

Now, onwards…

The following are in web-size and Amazon thumbnail size. One of them is hopefully close to the final version. Your vote counts.

Version A:

This design was the original, and dismissed by a few as being too busy. I agree with them also, but one component does appear to be a favourite – the elephant icon.

 Book Cover small  Book Cover Amazon thumb

Amazon thumbnail

Version B:

I thought I had it at this one, but then somebody pointed out the thumbnail was too busy, they couldn’t read the text, and another commenter found the pen over the title distracting.

My conundrum was – I had had a lot of comments from writers previously leading me to believe that a particular reservation with using Evernote was their completely understandable love of notebooks, journals and pens for writing. I really wanted to include this marketing message “You can still use your notebooks and favourite pens” on the cover. But was I still being too busy with it? Your vote may decide.

 BookCoverV2b small  BookCoverV2b amazon thumb

Amazon thumb

Note: if this is the cover finale, I may play around with that author name a bit.

Version C:

This version takes out the pen, and handwritten subtitle, brings back the elephant, but also I had to fill the bottom space with something, so my author name got bigger. Perhaps this is the final version? Your vote may decide.

  BookCoverV2c small  BookCoverV2c Amazon thumb

Amazon thumb

Note: if this is the cover finale, I may play around with that author name a bit.


Version D:

Goodbye to the cluttered desk (although that is what mine looks like, eh-hem) and a bigger elephant. I am also playing around with the subtitle wording.

BookCoverV2d small BookCoverV2d Amazon thumb

Amazon thumb


Poll Below:

You are welcome to leave comments also.

7 thoughts on “Poll: Please vote on your favourite cover design. (Updated)

  1. I can clearly see the name of the book, on every version. This would be enough for me on Amazon to go for a closer look and see what the book is about.


  2. I voted for Version C although the ‘cluttered desk’ at the top kept drawing my eye. Maybe it’s my OCD… I just wonder if EVERY type of writing material needs to be included. For instance – are there EIGHT pens and pencils in there? Hope this helps.

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