A Couple of Online Writer Conferences I’m Excited About


Coming up – a couple of online conferences for writers which I’m excited about. Both are affordable – as an investment, and offer community and learning from some of the top experts for writers.

WANACon October 3-5 2013


The second WANACon offers 26 different presenters on a range of topics. If you read Kristen Lamb’s latest post – right at the end, you will see that if you successfully volunteer as a helper you can get a free pass in also. Get in quick.

WANACon runs October Friday 3rd-Sunday 5th, in the afternoons/evenings – which equates to early mornings Sat-Mondays for me.

My personal picks for the lineup are David Corbett, award-winning crime fiction author and the keynote speaker; former Doubleday Editor, J.E. Fishman; Createspace Head, Thom Kephart,  and Jami Gold – who gives really good presentations. But there are many more – thriller and horror authors, DIY-MFA founder, Gabriela Pereira – who is currently running her own 5 week conference, Lit Loft, and several experts on social media, and WordPress, amongst others.

Attendees for WANACon access the presentations via a virtual classroom environment which uses video,audio and chat. I missed the Open House to this class system last night, but there is another for US and UK attendees scheduled for next week, to allow you to try the classroom out before the conference.

At a later date, the notes and recording of each session will be released to attendees and registrants for the conference.

Get Read


Link to Register: Get Read – but get in real quick and you can get $20 off with a discount code found right on this registration page. Expires before Sept 20 (which it is by 16 hours for me, but some Americans and UK writers can still get lucky)

Get Read is a new online conference grown by We Grow Media (ha! I made a pun) and Dan Blank. The sub-title “Marketing Strategies for Writers” tells it all. The conference runs November 13th and 14th, with (so far) a list of 19 speakers. The full schedule and list is due out by the end of the month.

My pick of speakers are: Elizabeth S. Craig (of the Writer’s Knowledgebase fame); Porter Anderson; M.J. Rose – one half of the authoring duo of the now famous marketing bible “What to do before your Book Launch” (which, coincidentally, I’ve only just finished reading myself); Chuck Wendig – who is a guest speaker at Australia’s Genrecon in Brisbane mid-October; Joanna Penn (recently released a book on book marketing); Dan Blank; Therese Walsh (WriterUnBoxed.com) and Jane Friedman; and many other experts on social media, even a librarian, and several authors.

As with WANACon, attendees at Get Read will have access to speakers over the days of the conference, and at a later date – or if they can’t get to the presentations and chat, they will have access to the recordings.

Why Virtual Conferences?

If they’re affordable – virtual conferences like these make a good lot of sense. Especially to people like me. As much as I’d like to go off to Brisbane for that Genrecon conference mentioned above, just to see Chuck Wendig, I just can’t afford the time or money. Brisbane is nine hours away by car, or an hour and AUS$300+ for a plane ticket, not to mention accomodation, and the actual ticket into the conference. Can I take away AUD$1000 worth of content from my attendance?


With online conferences like these, I have the conference recordings at my beck and call afterwards – all of them, even the ones I couldn’t sit through – and I can watch in my pyjamas (in fact, because of my Aussie timing, it would be ridiculous if I didn’t do so).

And I take away $1000’s worth of content and learning, and a new community, for a margin of the cost. As a bonus – I can placate my own introverted nature, and participate how I like. In fact, I find myself much more willing to chip in with questions etc online than in a big room filled with people wondering if they should stick their hand up.

3 thoughts on “A Couple of Online Writer Conferences I’m Excited About

    1. Both do look good, and The timing of Get Read is kismet for me, so I must admit to blowing the family budget and treating myself.

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